11th Anniversary Exhibition



‘Open Theme’ Exhibition ….. w/Elements of Dia de los Muertos

When planning our anniversary shows, we generally limit the participants to artists who have previously exhibited in our gallery over the years. This year…many ‘new’ artists have come to our attention through social media.  As we reviewed their artwork, we decided to expand our vision for the anniversary show, to include these emerging talents to our roster of artists who will be participating!

We invited 60 plus artists to participate in this show, with more being added daily!


Over the years, ChimMaya has consistently exhibited a diverse mix of artists.  This year’s 11th Anniversary is an eclectic mix of talent, that showcases many of the artists whose work is closely associated with ChimMaya, and whose ‘original’ artwork is often only available through our gallery.

Resident Artists: Yolanda Gonzalez, Emilia Garcia, CiCi Segura Gonzalez, Juan Solis, Hector Silva, Gennaro Garcia, Rick Ortega

Invited Artists: Robert Palacios, Esau Andrade, Steve Leal, Efrain Becerra Castaneda, Oscar Magallanes, Ofelia Esparza, Laura Vasquez Rodriguez, Gonzalo Algarate, Niki J Sands, The Dead Beatnik, Violetta Antonia Sorcini, Tito Sturcke, Paul Torres, Roger Trivinos, Anna Alvarado, Carlos Villez, Francisco Alvarado, Mer Young, David Amoroso, Rosanna Ahrens, Vakseen, Richard Valdes, RAH Azul, Becris Armando, Emily Costello, David Flores, David Flury, Erica Friend, Crystal Galindo, Luis Garcia, Monica Gisel, Hugo Hidalgo, Bonnie Lambert, MJ Lindo, Lauretta Lowell, Ernie Lucero, Maja, Ixchel Marina, Jeff Middlemiss, Kathy Murillo, Melissa Victoria Nebrida, Carolina Parra, Nikki Garcia Poling, Wenceslao Quiroz, Ramon Ramirez, Joe Ray, Lorena Rivera, Barbara Rivera, German Rubio, Laura Salas, Luis Tinoco, Gabriel Jeronimo, Luis Brizuela, Jaime Chavez