2008 Ana Castillo…Sunday, October 12th…RSVP ONLY!!!

ChimMaya Gallery

Dia de los Muertos Exhibition

Ana Castillo…Reading/Book Signing

Ana Castillo

Sunday, October 12th

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Sunday, October 12th…(1:00 pm – 3:00 p.m.) celebrated author Ana Castillo will be a guest at ChimMaya for a reading/book signing of her book ‘The Guardians’.

This event is by rsvp only….due to limited gallery seating. Please rsvp today to ensure your entry into this event.

3:00 pm….the doors will open to the general public, for the opening reception of our annual Dia de los Muertos exhibition.

Ana Castillo is the author of the novels ‘Peel My Love Like an Onion’, ‘So Far From God,’ ‘Sapogonia,’ and ‘The Mixquiahuala Letters’ as well as the short story collection ‘Loverboys.’

Her books of poetry include ‘My Father Was a Toltec,’ ‘I Ask the Impossible,’ and ‘Watercolor Women/Opaque Men: A Novel in Verse.’ Her accolades include a Carl Sandburg Prize, a Southwestern Booksellers Award, and an American Book Award. She taught creative writing at DePaul University until 2006 and she frequently lectures at colleges and book festivals around the country. She currently lives in New Mexico.


THE GUARDIANS is a suspenseful, moving novel about a sensuous, smart, and fiercely independent woman. Eking out a living as a teacher’s aide in a small New Mexican border town, Tia Regina is also raising her teenage nephew, Gabo, a hardworking boy who has entered the country illegally and aspires to the priesthood. When Gabo’s father, Rafa, disappears while crossing over from Mexico, Regina fears the worst and sets out to find him. Between the ruthless ‘coyotes’ who exploit Mexicans while smuggling them to America and the border officials who are out to arrest and deport the illegal immigrants, looming threat is a constant companion on the journey.

What follows is a beautiful, stark desert landscape and vivid characters with strong voices and resilient hearts. THE GUARDIANS serves as a remarkable testament to enduring faith, family bonds, cultural pride, and the human experience.

“A rollicking read, with jokes and suspense and joy rides and hearts breaking…This smart, passionate novel deserves a wide audience.” –Los Angeles Times

“With this compelling story of tragedy and redemption, Castillo pulls us willingly into a world…where everyday existence is questioned, where getting by takes a creative imagination and where love and hope help bring about the dawn of each new day.” –Chicago Sun-Times


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