2008 SueƱos y Realidades…Yolanda Gonzalez Exhibition…Sunday, November 9th

ChimMaya Gallery

Yolanda Gonzalez

Through unfiltered eyes I endeavor to capture the gesture and quintessence of our environment, in order to elucidate beauty.

Sunday, November 9th

3:00 pm – 7:00 pm


2006…Yolanda Gonzalez was the first artist to be featured in a newly completed and unknown gallery, ChimMaya, in East Los Angeles. Yolanda quickly became a favorite of collectors and visitors to ChimMaya….and was the first to remain as a resident artist.

November 9th, 2008…ChimMaya is pleased to present an exhibition of ‘new’ work by Yolanda Gonzalez. This exhibition, ‘Suenos y Realidades’…exemplifies the unique style that is Yolanda Gonzalez. The use of color, texture, and classic imagery…captures the viewer in a fresh and innovative way.

Greetings!…we invite you to experience the artworks of Yolanda Gonzalez, and her incredible talent that has captivated viewers on several continents…and throughout the United States.

St. Petersburg, Russia..Itsukaichi Tokura, Japan..Glasgow, Scotland, Paris, France..Madrid & Barcelona, Spain..Assisi, Italy..Africa..and Anchorage, Alaska

Museum Exhibitions:
The Japanese American National Museum
Chicago Museum
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Armand Hammer Museum
Temporary Contemporary Museum
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Diego Rivera Museum
ASU Museum of Anthropology

ASU Museum of Anthropology
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Self-Help Graphics Gallery
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The Fine Arts Council of The University of Judaism

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ACAVA, England
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Gallery 825
Absolut Bottled Secret, Santa Monica Museum
The KCET Unsung Hero Award/Latin Heritate Month

Assisi, Artist-in-Residence, Italy
Julie Rico Gallery..Santa Monica, CA

Galleria Grafica..Ginza, Japan
Zoma Gallery..Santa Barbara, CA

Riverside Art Museum..Riverside, CA
Federal Aviation Administration..Lawndale, CA
L.A. City College/Da Vinic Hall Art Gallery..Los Angeles, CA
University of La Verne, CA
University of California..Irvine, CA

Japanese American National Museum..Los Angeles, CA
Temporary Contemporary..Los Angeles, CA
Armand Hammer Museum, Gallery..Westwood, CA
Art Museum of South Texas..Corpus Cristi, Texas
Anchorage Museum of History and Art..Anchorage, Alaska
Chicano Expressions, Cite Du Livre..Aix-En-Provence, France
Day of the Dead, Glasgow Print Studio..Glasgow, Scotland
Social and Public Art Resource Center, Venice, CA

Chicano Expressions, Musee Du N. Monde..La Rochelle, France
Chicano Expressions, Cas de America..Madrid, Spain
Chicano Expressions..Barcelona, Spain
Galleria Grafica..Ginza, Japan
Granados 2 Gallery..Tucson, AZ
Laguna Art Museum..Launga, CA
Armand Hammer Museum..Westwood, CA
Armand Hammer Museum Gallery..Westwood, CA

Chicano Expressions, Pretoria Art Museum..Pretoria, South Africa
Chicano Expressions, Amerika Haus Berlin..Berlin, Germany
Arizona National Museum..Phoenix, AZ
Denver Museum..Denver, CO

Itsukaichi Tokura, Japan
Artist-in-Residence, Japan
Fridamania, Diego Rivera Museum..Mexico City, Mexico
Breaking Barriers, Santa Monica Museum of Art..Santa Monica, CA
Jewish Federation, Pauline Hirsh Gallery..Los Angeles, CA
Southwest Museum..Los Angeles, CA
Self-Help Graphics..Los Angeles, CA

Inner View..St Petersburg, Russia
Womans Voices, Loyola Marymount..Los Angeles, CA
Panel Discussion, Cal State University..Los Angeles, CA
Dia de los Muertos, Self-Help Graphics..Los Angeles, CA
Mod Arte, Park Plaza Hotel..Los Angeles, CA
Commission of the Art..Phoenix, AZ ,

Generaciones, Arte de Mexico..Los Angeles, CA
North American Variant, Arte de Mexico..Los Angeles, CA
Boathouse Gallery, Plaza de la Raza..Los Angeles, CA
Dia de los Muertos, La Photo Center..Los Angeles, CA
Dia de los Muertos, Self-help Graphics..Los Angeles, CA
Four Contemporary LA Women, Echo Park Gallery..Los Angeles, CA

Performance Art, Lyon..Rennes, France
Print Exhibition..Hawaii
Los Angeles Festival of the Arts..Los Angeles, CA
Muder de la Raza..Tijuana, Mexico
Casa de la Raza..Santa Barbara, CA
Palmetto Gallery..Los Angeles, CA
Atelier Exhibit, Self-Help Graphics..Los Angeles, CA
Dia de los Muertos, Cal State Long Beach..Long Beach, CA

L.A.C.E. Annual Exhibit..Los Angeles, CA
Corazon Mexicano..Long Beach, CA
Colors, Self-Help Graphics..Los Angeles, CA
Barndall Gallery..Los Angeles,CA


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