2009 GRONK & YEPES: Studio Archive Exhibit & Sale, Jan 30th-31st

ChimMaya Gallery

ChimMaya would like to invite you to an exhibit and sale of artwork of GRONK / GEORGE YEPES. The pairing of these two artists for two days….will be the culmination of January’s art month in Los Angeles.

GRONK / GEORGE YEPES…have each uniquely contributed to the art movement in Los Angeles, and influenced the work of countless artists locally and internationally.

The diversity of their artwork and styles….represents the best that Los Angeles based artists have contributed to the arts.

Gronk was a founding member of ASCO, a multi-media arts collective in the 1970s. Gronk has been involved with theater since his teenage ASCO days, through more elaborate stage design for organizations such as the Los Angeles Opera and Santa Fe Opera. More recently his murals have been intentionally painted as temporary art works (i.e., Fisher Gallery, University of Southern California). His scenic work has also been featured onstage with Latino Theater Company and East West Players. He has collaborated with composer Joseph Julian Gonzalez on “Tormenta Cantada,” a visual/musical piece performed in 1995 with Kronos Quartet at the University of California, Los Angeles. In 2003, Gronk was in residency at University the of New Mexico as part of the Cultural Practice/Virtual Styles project. He also curated “Altares”, a small exhibition at UCLA Hammer Museum. Gronk’s murals, paintings on canvas, and widely-collected silk screen prints, relate to the direct visual aesthetic contained in works by German Expressionist Max Beckman and the cartoon-like paintings of American Phillip Guston, along with vernacular arts of early civilizations (i.e., Toltec figurines). His work is original and constantly evolving. Gronk is prolific, filling pages of sketchbooks daily, often while enjoying his favorite cup of coffee on the streets of Los Angeles. He mostly paints at night. Comfortable with the moniker “Chicano artist”, Gronk’s intense devotion to craft and multi-disciplinary pursuits are informed by a wide knowledge from a myriad of global and historic sources.

Named a “Treasure of Los Angeles” in 1997 by Mayor Richard Riordan, painter George Yepes brings a confidence and knowledge of his craft that calls to mind the great Mexican Muralists. Imbued with a contemporary street sense, his paintings and murals combine the best of both worlds where bravado meets classical standards. One of the more prolific painters in the Chicano Mural Movement of the late 70’s, Yepes gained his early reputation as a ferocious painter when he painted with notables from Carlos Almaraz and Frank Romero to Gilbert “Magu” Lujan. In 1980 he became a partner in the mural group ‘East Los Streetscapers’ until 1985. With grand scale and furious momentum Yepes has painted eloquent social, historical, and sacred images onto the facades of everything from churches, hospitals and freeway overpasses to album covers.
George Yepes / Muralist (YouTube Video)

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