2009 Featured Artist: Ernie Anguiano…’Los Angelenos’

ChimMaya Gallery

‘Los Angelenos’

Ernie Anguiano

(Featured Artist)


Ernie Anguiano is a talented young artist that has created a new body of work….specially commissioned by ChimMaya to celebrate the city of Los Angeles. ‘Los Angelenos’ (The City Dwellers) depicts the people, faces and nameless shadows…that exist within the night life of Los Angeles.

Ernie uses oils as his preferred medium for this series…capturing the warm glow of faces that exist within the cityscape. We are never sure if these figures exist within darkness…or at the dawn of our experience.

Ernie Anguiano

Ernie Anguiano





5283 East Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90022 / 323.869.8881