2009 ‘HOLY MOLE’…Palacios/Rangel…June 7th Reception…LatinoLA Hot Pick

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LatinoLA Hot Pick
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Robert Palacios, a local artist…was born and raised in Los Angeles. At a very young age Robert was fascinated with creating art. Like many artists, Robert draws inspiration and subjects for his paintings…from childhood memories, life experiences, and his American/Latino heritage.

Before beginning a painting, Robert sketches out his ideas to set the mood. When the mood and the story are fully realized…he takes those sketches and recreates them onto canvas.

Each painting is a vivid story of a world of Robert’s making. Like great story tellers, Robert breathes life into his characters with careful thought and unique insight. The viewer is introduced to a cast of characters and subplots…often put into humorous situations…that Robert characterizes as visual narratives of daily life, with a comical twist.

Chuy Rangel, a local artist…was born in Santa Paula, California. An activist, designer, muralist, painter, photographer, and sculptor, Chuy grew up in his hometown of Fillmore during the uproar of the Chicano movement.

When asked about his work, Chuy explains, “I have made it my lifelong endeavor to create a narrative that provokes not only awareness, but a discussion that challenges the social structure in which we live. The intent of my art is significant to many Chicanos, but to the masses unaware of my culture, I hope to strike a chord: a self-conscious relationship between the viewer and my artwork. I remain optimistic that the viewer will gain a better understanding of how different our customs are and yet how similar we are as people. It is then that I feel we can begin to live in harmony.”

ChimMaya is pleased to present the artwork of these two talented artists. The pairing of Robert and Chuy in our North Gallery…is an exhibition that is not to be missed.

Opening Reception…Meet the Artists

Sunday, June 7th / 3:00pm – 7:00pm

Poster/Greeting Card Signing…Opening Reception



"Holy Mole"

‘Holy Mole’

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(June 20th)

Authors: Tom Waldman / David Reyes
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Special Appearance
Willie Herron and Jesus Velo of Los Illegals


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