2009 ‘Frida 2009’…San Diego / Baja Artists

ChimMaya Gallery

Opening Reception

Sunday, July 12th

3:00pm – 7:00pm

July has typically been when ChimMaya presents our annual Frida exhibition. In planning our calendar….we decided that this year we wanted to do something different and potentially more interesting.

ChimMaya, in collaboration with Andy Gonzalez (San Diego curator) has assembled 19 San Diego and Baja artists…to participate in Frida 2009.

Frida 2009….will be the first exhibition to open in our new ‘West Gallery’ space.

Participating Artists:
Ricardo Islas (San Diego), Rocio Hoffmann (Rosarito), Villafana (Rosarito), Chikle (San Diego), Berenice Badillo (San Diego), Ugi (Rosarito), Daniel Franco (Ensenada), Lupita Shahbazi (San Diego), Yolanda Romero (San Diego), Irene Castruita & Crol (San Diego), Ramon Barajas (Tijuana), Mario Chacon (San Diego), Cabello (Rosarito), Castillo (Rosarito), Becris (Rosarito), Gerardo (San Diego), David Flores (San Diego), Bob Rob (San Diego), and Rome Valle (San Diego).

(please rsvp with title of exhibition, name and number of guests attending)


5283 East Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90022 / 323.869.8881

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