2009 Emilia Garcia / Jose Lozano (Main Gallery)…Joe Bravo (West Gallery)

ChimMaya Gallery

is pleased to open the ‘Fall 2009 Exhibitions’
with three unique talents

Emilia Garcia (Artist Statement):  To paint is to express the world within and around me. It is to create the color of passion, life and death, and the reality of what surrounds us in our journey on this earth.
Emilia Garcia Biography

Jose Lozano: This exhibition features images from the Metro/La Brea Metro Exposition Station…scheduled to open in 2010. The images feature ‘Loteria Cards’ depicting the Metro experience. The exhibit will also feature small Goauche and Charcoal drawings. Lozano’s work goes beyond the visual arts…with his newly published children’s book ‘Once Around the Block’, scheduled for an upcoming book signing at ChimMaya.
Jose Lozano Biography

Joe Bravo: This exhibition entitled ‘Mujer Divina’ captures the spiritual essence of the woman…the grace, gentleness, sensitivity, and nurturing qualities that set her apart from man. The artwork celebrates the simple things…dancing, combing hair, praying, and encapsulates the beauty and radiance of every woman.
Joe Bravo Biography

(please rsvp with name and number of guests attending)

‘Pola Lopez & Isabel Martinez’
(North Gallery)
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‘New Arte from the Desert’
(East Gallery)
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