2009 Ana Castillo…Oct 30th / Memoir Writing Workshop

ChimMaya Gallery

Qué Vivan Los Muertos

Memoir Writing Workshop

Ana Castillo

October 30th

6:00pm – 9:00pm

In this very special workshop participants will be remembering their passed loved ones and ancestors through sharing stories, pictures for the altar, and by learning ways to write about their recuerdos.

Please join Ana Castillo, acclaimed author of novels and short stories….including ‘The Guardians’, ‘So Far From God’ and ‘My Father was a Toltec’ for a memorable evening at ChimMaya.


In memoirs, the reader must be persuaded that the narrator is writing honestly, whether or not he/she is secondary…it doesn’t matter ‘what happened’, as much as what you remember ‘may have happened’. The workshop will consist of exercises, which will help you get started when thinking of working on a memoir essay.

You’ll Talk ! You’ll Laugh ! You’ll Cry ! You’ll Vent !

You’ll write from your heart and your mind. Then…..you’ll learn to get rid of all the sentimentality, and leave on the page what is important for the reader to know about your memoir.

THREE hours with Ana Castillo, poet, novelist and all around genre-jumper. Persons interested must submit 1 page/writing sample to apply.

18 Years and Up


From Workshop Participants:

“From the begining there was an atmosphere of confianza, respect, community that made it possible to delve deeper than is normally possible. I don’t know how you did it.”

“Since the workshop I’m thankful [it has allowed me] the permission to write. Now everywhere I’ve gone I’ve jotted down thoughts and ideas, memories and reflections.”


To Inquire and Apply

Fee: $175

Limit of 15 per Workshop



5283 East Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90022 / 323.869.8881

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