2009 ‘Body and Soul’…Sunday, Nov 8th…Yolanda Gonzalez & Gina Stepaniuk Exhibition of New Works

ChimMaya Gallery

Body references the human figure and a land mass = traditional and experimental figure/ground relationship in painting

Soul references the emotion and state of said human and land mass

Yolanda Gonzalez | Gina Stepaniuk

ChimMaya…is pleased to present an exhibition of new artwork from TWO extraordinary Los Angeles artists. TWO visionaries…with a clear-minded view of their worlds and the figures, forms, and emotions that inspire their work.

Yolanda Gonzalez…was born into a family whose artistic heritage dates to 1877. Her world is one of curiosity, demonstrating her love of people and their surroundings. Yolanda’s travels to different countries, and the bonds she formed in those places….left a lasting, transformative impact on her life that continues to be reflective in her art.

Yolanda studied at Pasadena Art Center College of Design, after winning a painting competition that awarded her a scholarship to the prestigious school. This led her to Self-Help Graphics and an involvement that has lasted for many years…resulting in her being sent to Spain and Scotland as a representative for exhibitions in those countries. Over the years Yolanda has exhibited in exhibitions across the United States, Europe and South Africa. In 1998, she was an artist in residence in Ginza, Japan…followed by a similar stint in Assisi, Italy in 1999.

Gina Stepaniuk…born in Toronto Canada, graduated in 1982 as an Associate of Ontario College of Art and Design. Active in the Toronto art community in the early 80’s, she exhibited her distinctive art in several galleries. Although primarily a visual artist, from 1984-1989 her interests in performance and music led to a period as a back up singer with several Canadian bands that toured North America and London.

In 1989 Gina moved to Los Angeles. Primarily a painter….Gina has created and collaborated on multi-media installations including a mentorship with Lita Albuquerque. In May 2009 Gina obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree from Claremont Graduate University. Her work was acknowledged by university faculty with a nomination for the prestigious Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant and was presented with the Claremont President Award for outstanding work.

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