The Male Form

The Male Form

For five years, ChimMaya has primarily focused our exhibitions on women, and the artists whose artwork embodies them.

Due to requests by collectors, our patrons, and the indisputable imbalance of ‘male’ themed exhibitions, we believe it’s time for us to bring this overdue exhibition to our gallery.

Opening Reception

Sunday, August 1st

3:00pm – 7:00pm

ChimMaya will present for the first time, an exhibition of men by men.
(North Gallery)

The Male Form 02

ChimMaya has assembled a group of internationally renowned, established, and emerging male artists, whose body of work celebrates the essence of maleness in every form.

Their work captures the strength, mystery, form, physique, spirit and energy of their subjects. Much of the work is portraits of real men in and throughout Los Angeles. Some are compilations of their friends, family members, and men on the street.

Eight artists, eight perspectives, eight gender specific subjects, bridging the gap between life, desire, sexual orientation, social mores, and everyday relationships in their lives.

Eight voices… unique in their vision, unique in their life experiences and perspectives, creating art of men by men.

The Male Form 03
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Hector Silva

Hector Silva

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