Opening Reception: Sunday, June 26th, 2011
Time: 3:00pm – 7:00pm
In The Beverly Project

ChimMaya has a long history of celebrating/showcasing established, emerging, and rising stars in the arts community. On the heels of our mission, we’ve decided to open our newest gallery space ‘The Beverly Project’ with an exhibition that echoes the spirit that has grounded ChimMaya over the years.

In solidarity w/June ‘Gay Pride’ month…ChimMaya has assembled an amazing and eclectic group of Gay/Lesbian artists for a groundbreaking exhibition in our new gallery, adjacent to our main building.


The journey for most artists… is often a difficult and challenging career path to undertake. Most often…only through perseverance and focused vision, does an artist find his/her place in the arts community. With few exceptions for most artists, creative expression is often encouraged and celebrated by their peers, galleries, and the general public.

With gay artists, the same journey is often plagued by censorship of subject matter, imagery, and limited creative freedom. That struggle, is generally magnified with their personal journey…of self acceptance, positive self-worth, and the choice to live a life that emanates from their souls.


ChimMaya has invited these gifted artists…to open this exhibition of ‘affirmative identity’ during ‘Gay Pride’ month, in celebration of all the individuals who have, and do, encounter discrimination and intolerance…based on gender, race/ethnicity, body image, and sexual identity/orientation.

Female Artists: Ana Landeros, Magda Audfried, Ana Castillo, Violetta Antonia Sorcini, Angela Ortiz, Marla Hidalgo, Jennifer Olvera, Rosie Garcia

Male Artists: Miguel Angel Reyes, Juan Solis, Hector Silva, Joey Terrill, Tony de Carlo, Antonio Rael, Ariel Vargassal, Angel Villanueva, Raul Pizzaro, Lalo Ugalde, Riddle, Jesse Hinostroza, Manuel Acevedo, Manuel Saenz, Edward Escamilla

5283 East Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90022 / 323.869.8881