‘Muse’ -Yolanda Gonzalez… ‘Autum Group Exhibition’

ChimMaya Gallery

          November Exhibitions 


‘Muse’ (West Gallery)

In her 2011 exhibition at ChimMaya, Yolanda Gonzalez has drawn from a very personal journey in her life.

“In 2009, Marissa Gomez sat for me for the first time. That first sitting followed a major surgery that had left me in a considerably weakened tate. From our initial meeting, Marissa has nourished and stimulated my creative soul, with her inner and outer beauty. This new body of work is inspired by one of the most beautiful women I have had the pleasure of painting. Marissa Gomez…my model, my friend, my ‘Muse’.”

Yolanda Gonzalez

Marissa Gomez
Special Performance

2011 has been a year of experimentation at ChimMaya and our annex space, ‘The Beverly Project’. For November, we issued a ‘Call to Artists’…seeking new and interesting talent for our gallery.

The response was phenomenal. Unfortunately, the reality of exhibiting all the work that was submitted, was more than we could accommodate.

Autumn Group Exhibition (Main & North Galleries), is an eclectic mix of styles and subjects….m/m, ceramics, wood carvings, collage, oils/acrylics, printwork and photography.

As we work to broaden our vision for 2011-2012, the diversity of artists will continue to expand and grow. We invite you to attend the opening reception on Sunday, November 13th, for our November exhibitions.


Yolanda Gonzalez, Emilia Garcia, CiCi Segura Gonzalez, Hector Silva

Margaret Garcia, Joe Bravo, Andres Montoya, Oscar Castillo, Steve Leal, Alex Chavez, Rudy Cardona, Jodi Bonassi, Fernando Moreno, Ixchel Amor, Art Carillo, Alberto Ornelas, Israel Martinez, Hector Velez, Steven Correa, Bonnie Lambert, Victor Horcasitas, Annette Palmer, Violeta Moreno, Ernesto Vasquez, Irma Montelongo



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