Change is coming to ChimMaya…

Change is coming to ChimMaya…

After the recent closing of our annex, ‘The Beverly Project’, the subsequent liquidation of the contents in that gallery, and the selloff of furnishings that it triggered in our main space…we took some time out from opening exhibitions, while we determined how we wanted to carry ChimMaya into the future.

Presently…ChimMaya’s two main galleries are undergoing a major renovation. We’re significantly changing the footprint and flow of the galleries and installing a glass door in the entrance to the main gallery, that will redefine the space between the retail store and main galleries.

We’re building a 16′ platform/stage that can handle live performances, that we anticipate will become a main-stay of our calendar.  The flow of the ‘new space’ will be open, light, neutral, and urban in design.

Never content to remain the same…ChimMaya is undertaking this bold change, to remain on-trend with Art, Artists, Design, and the evolving global tastes of the L.A. art scene.

Sunday, April 22nd…is the projected ‘Grand Re-Opening’ date for our galleries.  At the core, ChimMaya will forever remain grounded in our mission.  We see the ‘new-look’ as a springboard for expanded possibilities for our gallery, and the increased diversity of events we can bring to the community.

As always, we thank our supporters and look forward to debuting/launching the next phase for ChimMaya.