Grand ReOpening


3:00pm – 7:00pm


Resident Artists: Yolanda Gonzalez, Emilia Garcia, CiCi Segura Gonzalez, Hector Silva, Gennaro Garcia, Julie Zarate

Featured Artists: Steve Leal, Robert Palacios

Invited Artists: Jose Lozano, Sonia Romero, Linda Vallejo, Ofelia Esparza, Sergio Hernandez, Jesus Cimi, Wenceslao Quiroz, Manuel Acevedo, Jim Platel, Rafael Delgado Jr., Pablo Damas, Sergio Teran, Sonia Lopez Chavez, MJ Lindo, Surly Gurly, Mary Lucille Nunez Delira, Joaquin Garcia Quintana, Paula Olivia, Carmine Santaniello, Cristina Cardenas, Delphia Nikolaus, Emmaline Birtolo, Angelique Moselle Price, Niki J. Sands, Cynthia Flores Gurrola, Ginette Rondeau, Patrushka


After several months of delays, ChimMaya is in the final stages of completing the remodel of our two main galleries.

It’s been a challenge…to find a design that retains the integrity and atmosphere, that has made our gallery a unique space for exhibiting artwork.

Change is good…we wanted to move forward with a minimalist atmosphere and color palette, that would continue to highlight and complement the artwork, while reflecting the on-trend designs in residential and commercial interiors.

This transformation…will open our gallery doors and transition us, from a community gallery to a cultural hub…live performances, theater, readings, business mixers, seminars, etc…are among the events on our

We have, and will continue to, proudly celebrate the artists who find their inspiration from Latino culture…while introducing ‘new’ themes, ‘new’ artists/artwork, that is reflective of Los Angeles, U.S., and the changing Global attitudes of culture, religion and orientation.

7 years ago, we were an unknown space…east of the L.A. river, on the northern edge of East Los Angeles…showcasing artists/artworks that didn’t fit into traditional galleries…integrating art, fashion, and retail under one roof.

7 years later…we are among a growing number of art spaces, whose brightly colored walls are commonplace, challenging the belief, that ‘real art’…can only be effectively exhibited on white walls.

Never content to do what’s expected of us, we are once again breaking outside of our comfort zone…………

This move may be a jumping off, or breaking point, for our gallery.
We remain hopeful…that our clients and friends embrace this evolution for ChimMaya.

As always…we thank you for your support, and invite you to remain with us on this journey.
rsvp appreciated…please respond with name and number attending