Out and Out

In June 2011, ChimMaya opened ‘Out-and-Out’, the first LGBT exhibition in our gallery. The response from our patrons/supporters and the community was phenomenal.

After many years of producing exhibitions… the unanticipated ‘positive’ response resulted in coverage/reviews from several print and web-based subject.

Understanding the importance of balancing both visually appealing and socially relevant exhibitions, we have invited another amazing and eclectic group of LGBT artists, from numerous cities throughout the U.S. to participate in this exhibition.

We invite you to join us Sunday, July 29th...2nd AnnualOut-and-Out’ LGBT exhibition in our two main galleries, with Hector Silva as the featured artist in the East Gallery.

Hector Silva, Juan Solis, Ariel Vargassal, Tony de Carlo, Alma Lopez, Joey Terrill,
Chris Lopez, Carmine Santaniello, Tom Acevedo, Fernando Reyes, Felix d’Eon,
Francisco Cabas, Violetta Sorcini, Riddle, Dalila Paola Mendez, Rene Capone,
Richard Taddei, Curry Mendes, Manuel Acevedo, Jesse Hinostroza, Raul Pizarro,
Angel Villanueva, Art Lopez, Antonio Velasco, Paulo Lima, Christina Amezquita,
Anthony Mitchell, Surly Gurly, Marla Hidaldo


please rsvp with name and number attending


5283 E. Beverly Blvd  /  Los Angeles, CA  90022  /  323.869.8881