July Exhibition


Sunday, July 5th …. Opening Reception
3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Bonnie Lambert (Solo) Main Gallery
Niki J Sands (Solo) North Gallery
Group Exhibition …. Front Gallery

After several years of participating in many group shows in our gallery, we’ve invited Bonnie Lambert and Niki J Sands to each have solo exhibitions at ChimMaya in July.

** Bonnie’s artwork, depicts and captures, urban landscapes and neighborhoods throughout Greater Los Angeles.

** Niki’s artwork is very expressive….cubist and surreal characters often populate her work, sometimes childlike and whimsical…often pensive and introspective.

An explosion of color…vibrant and vivid hues, is the chosen palette for both artists!

The pairing of these two talented artists has been months in planning, and ChimMaya is excited to feature both Bonnie and Niki this month in our gallery!

Artist Statement: Bonnie Lambert

“I am inspired by intense color and deep contrast reflected through urban landscapes. Using a vibrant palette and expressive brushstrokes, I capture an essence of Southern California—light, earth and people—mirrored by neighborhoods: from Hollywood to Long Beach; the San Fernando Valley to Pasadena; Burbank, South Central, and many more.”

Artist Statement: Niki J Sands

“My art is an expression of my life, my thoughts and how the world affects me on a daily basis. I grew up with high admiration for artists and the arts. It never ceases to amaze me what someone can create either through dance, expressions with words, through paint or whatever objects are on hand. Life without art would be a blank canvas.”

** Group Exhibition …. This show is still evolving at this time

New Artwork from: Hector Silva, Robert Palacios, Steve Leal, Esau Andrade, Irene Carranza, Kikki Eder, German Rubio, Nikki Garcia Poling, Roger Trivinos and more…..