Gennaro Garcia

Gennaro grew up in and around the family’s restaurants back in Mexico. But along with his passion for fine cuisine, Gennaro discovered a passion for the arts. It wasn’t enough to prepare the foods he loved, he wanted to paint and photograph them -He studied graphic design and photography in Mexico, paying his way through school by painting signs and murals for local restaurants, and eventually entered the restaurant business with his family. After opening his third restaurant in Mexico, he moved to Yuma Arizona. This is where he started working as a General Manager in a Mexican restaurant in his spare time after he decorated the restaurant with his murals and colors. Later he moved to Phoenix. This is where he continued to pursue his art, while again managing another Mexican restaurant and staying in the restaurant business a design firm learn about his art and immediately offered him a position as Muralist on the Old Pratt Studios team in 2002. He still continues his association as Senior Designer Artist. Gennaro has traveled to Spain, France, Italy, England, Africa, North and Latin America to visit museums, cathedrals, and churches of the world, where he gets his ideas for Archangels, Santos & Madonnas paintings and other Iconic art like the art pieces he does with his Father Luciano.

Gennaro Garcia, born in San Luis, Sonora, Mexico….came to the United States in 1998 from Mexico. Born into an artistic family…as a child, he sometimes built his own toys, often imitated his brother’s paintings, and eventually earned a degree in graphic design in Tijuana, Mexico.

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