‘Corazon Espinado’


‘Corazon Espinado’ … Ernie Lucero (West Gallery)

Ernie Lucero is an artist who has consistently exhibited in our gallery over the years. Mostly self-taught…his artwork is rooted in creating woodcuts, printed on paper, that have been a mainstay in many of our group exhibitions.

This year we invited Ernie to exhibit in his first ‘solo’ in our gallery.  For this show, he wanted to venture outside of his preferred medium of ‘works on paper’. He knew that he wanted to combine the style and techniques of his artwork, in ways that would challenge him to produce new work!

As he often does…inspired by his family and the community around him, Ernie has created this ‘new body of work’ in acrylics/mixed media….on wood and repurposed skateboards.

We’re pleased to exhibit Ernie, as one of our featured artists in November……


1111111Opening Reception … Sunday, Nov 20th  /  3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Corazon Espinado  by  Ernie Lucero

“Corazon Espinado”  ….  A heart full of espinas (thorns)

pricked by heart break, pierced by loss, or perhaps meant to protect something sacred.

These works, covered in espinas, represent times of love, healing, life and death.

All on skateboards that still have a little magic left in them…From my Corazon to yours.

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