August Exhibition

August 9th – September 9th

Our featured artist for August is Emily Costello, in her first ‘solo’ exhibition in our gallery. Emily has consistently participated in group shows at ChimMaya over the years. Largely a mixed media artist from Arizona, her artwork remains one of the staples of our gallery and a favorite with many of our followers/collectors.

Emily is a self-taught painter, and mixed media artist, who finds much of her inspiration coming from her Mexican heritage, and its cultural icons and images. She is irresistibly attracted to the curious and bizarre, and creates images that amuse and intrigue her. She creates her artwork, assemblages, and nichos using a variety of mediums which include acrylics, wood, tin, clay, and found objects. She volunteers at Arizona School of the Arts, and also teaches youth art classes at Vision Kidz.

                                      Sunday, August 9th

                                          3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

We’ve also invited Gennaro Garcia, Frank Ybarra and Joe Ray as featured artists from AZ

Featured Artist:      Emily Costello
Group Exhibition:  Gennaro Garcia, Frank Ybarra, Joe Ray
Yolanda Gonzalez, Hector Silva, Steve Leal, Robert Palacios, David Flury, Esau Andrade, Niki J Sands, German Rubio, Ariel Vargassal, Bonnie Lambert, David Amoroso, Kikki Eder, Jesus ‘Chuy’ Rangel, Maria ‘Mer’ Young