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Alice Bags with Lysa Flores and Davey Jones at ChimMaya Art


The Male Form

ChimMaya has assembled a group of internationally renowned, established, and emerging male artists, whose body of work celebrates the essence of maleness in every form.


ChimMaya Gallery December 2010

Exhibitions and Opening
‘The Art of Fashion’ … ‘New Works’ by Steve Leal … ’12×12′ Collective


Stamp Project Creating Cultural Currency II

Additions of new artists to exhibition, video and credits Emilia Garcia, Ricardo Ortega, Sonya Fe, Benjamin Varela, Anna Marie Varela, Manuel Lozano and Robert Daniels


Nuestra Alma Espiritual

Exhibition of new artwork by Ricardo Ortega

ChimMaya Gallery Resident Artist


Stamp Project Creating Cultural Currency

ChimMaya Gallery invites you to the debut of a momentous exhibition of like-minded individuals/artists…in sync with the affirmative view of life.

Stamp Project/Creating Cultural Currency curated by: Margaret Garcia