2008 Art Lyceum 8th Annual Student Exhibition

ChimMaya Gallery

Art Lyceum 8th Annual Student Exhibition

Artist Reception

Sunday, April 6, 2008

2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m

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(Victor & Ixchel Amor Art Studio)

Art Lyceum began as private classes in 2000 by Ixchel Amor. In the beginning there was no formal studio to conduct the classes. Ixchel would drive from home to home….to teach each student in the family residence. After a brief time…..as her teaching gained popularity….Ixchel found a temporary home in the corner of a book store in Alhambra, CA….to teach her growing numbers of students.

After some time…..Ixchel’s hard work and dedication would gain ‘unexpected’ international recognition. Ixchel entered the work of a group of her students in a competition in Taiwan. This small group of Ixchel’s students would be among students that were submitted from all over the globe. When the contest was over……this small group of students from Alhambra, CA would be among the winners!

WOW…..what excitement for her students…..what validation for Ixchel’s talent and dedication to her students. With her husband Victor……the Amors would take the next step in their eventual evolution. Finally, the seeds would take root for Art Lyceum…..as the Amors opened their studio in the heart of Alhambra, CA.


From a modest 2 students in 2000…..in a private residence…..Art Lyceum now numbers over 140 regular students yearly. The Amors have taught, mentored…..and affected the lives of many students and their families.

Their students ages presently range from 4yrs – 90yrs. The average duration for a student is about 3yrs….and many have stayed more than 5yrs. Like proud parents…..the Amors glow when they speak of one of their students……who has been with them from the beginning…..he is leaving for college this summer.

Many of the students in this show are international award winners, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places…..as well as honorific mention in contests all over the world.

Honorific mention at ‘Draw me Peace’ – France (sponsored by Unesco)

Gold, Silver & Honorific mention (5yrs running) in the International Children’s Drawing Contest in the Republic of China

Honorific mention – government of Serbia-Montenegro

2nd place winners (4 times) in the prestigious Indian ‘Shankar’ with over 180,000 participants

1st place & Honorific mention (3 years in a row) ‘Colores y Sabores de Mexico’.

These honors are but a few of the many accolades and honors for Art Lyceum. We encourage you to visit each website below…..for further details about the Amors and their students.

artlyceum.org | victoramor.com | ixchelamor.com

Mission Statement:
Art Lyceum’s goal is for each student to improve and acquire new skills, so that they will communicate ‘more’ effectively with the different techniques used in the visual arts.

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