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11×14 Group Exhibition

Opening Reception / Sunday, July 9th 

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Artists Participating:  Christina Ramos, Laura Vasquez Rodriguez, Efrain Becerra Castaneda, Bonnie Lambert, Nikki Garcia Poling, Violetta Antonia Sorcini, Richard Valdes, Francisco Alvarado, Roger Trivinos, David Flury, Ramon Ramirez, German Rubio, Mer Young


We’re pleased to bring two  ‘Special Exhibitions’  to our gallery this month!

Opening Reception

Sunday, June 25th  /  3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

International art collective – Los Cu4tro Puntos – to open inaugural California exhibit

Los Cu4tro Puntos (LCP) is an international friendship of 4 artists from 4 countries.  They are: Raphael ‘Raffa’ Díaz (Cubano), Daniel Manta (Peruano), José ‘Sejo’ Aguasvivas (Dominicano) and Wayne Healy (Chicano).  All have teaching experience: Prof Manta at Universidad del Perú, Prof Aguasvivas at Universidad de Santo Domingo, Principal Díaz at Providence High School and Healy part time at Cal Poly, CSUN and Otis.

It was fate that brought them together…that is, the 1996 International Gathering of Painters and Writers in Providence, RI.  Out from among the cultural crowd, the four artists naturally precipitated into a unit that would take their art to different countries and in turn, be exposed to the local color of home town artists who shared their exhibit sites.  Among the past venues where LCP has exhibited are Chile (Quillota); Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo, Santiago, Jarabacóa); Spain (Barcelona, Canary Islands); Peru (Lima); et al.  LCP looks forward to a stimulating cultural interchange of ideas in aesthetics in this, their first show in California. 

 Red Rain:  Jamie Chavez

Jamie Chavez, born in Los Angeles and raised in Echo Park, began exhibiting his artwork at ChimMaya in 2016.  His art is unmistakably inspired by indigenous ancestry, while infusing his family, friends, and the people he encounters in his everyday life.

Jamie uses toned paper as an homage to Mexican crafts, but is also fond of the way “the paint pops” against the brown. Black India ink, acrylics, Prisma colors, and Rapidographs bring his mixed media portraits to life.

Jamie received a scholarship to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California, but explains, “I learned to draw from my father; he is an excellent illustrator. As a kid, I loved to watch him draw.” In the 90s, he was introduced to celebrated Chicano artist, Gilbert ‘Magu’ Lujan, who became a major influence, and motivated Jamie to begin painting. 

For his first ‘solo’ exhibition in our gallery…Jamie is taking his artwork to a new medium, by producing large pieces on ‘cutout’ birchwood, and ‘new work’ on his preferred toned paper.

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